Lobby Coin Systems
Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. is an authorized distributor for
Scancoin Lobby Coin Systems.  Also known as a Cash Depositing
System, or CDS for short, CDS machines are an easy way for
customers to deposit coins directly into a secured area.  Many
different models are available, designed with customer
configuration in mind with over 240 configurable variables.  Not all
locations are the same.  With the 3rd generation Scancoin CDS
machine, you can meet most environmental differences and
requirements between different locations.  With upgrade ability and
built-in modular concepts, the 3rd generation Scancoin CDS
machines give you many more options to work with over time.

For Banks and Credit Unions, CDS machines are ideal to relieve
tellers from counting coins customers want to deposit into their
accounts.  For grocery stores, CDS machines are perfect for
generating an additional revenue stream and helping to create a
more loyal customer base.

For companies where security and accountability are of paramount
concern, a CDS machine can be integrated with a cash vault to
verify all incoming monies with minimal handling.  Receipts and
reports can be printed to verify all received monies.  Direct deposits
can be achieved through platform integration.

All CDS machines utilize a sensor which verifies the deposited
coin with various electronic checks and rejects foreign coin and
slugs.  All CDS machines are designed to effectively sift out dirt,
foreign objects, pocket lint, etc.

CDS machines are designed for lobby use but can be configured
to be wall mounted or back-loading for easy cash removal and

With an entire outer shell made from steel, the CDS machines are
nearly impossible to break into.
CDS 820
CDS 830 with card reader
CDS 830 ATM-style Mount
Scancoin Lobby Counter
Scancoin 830 Wall Mount
Scancoin Model 830

  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Future-proof modular concept
  • State-of-the-art coin sensor technology
  • Customized cash performance
  • Option to deposit both notes and coins
  • Full on-line PC connectivity
Scancoin Model 820

  • Future-proof modular concept
  • State-of-the-art coin sensor technology
  • Customized coin processing performance
  • Serviceability - reliable around-the-clock
  • Customer-specific image for cabinet
CDS 830