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Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. offers a variety of coin
counters.  Depending on your specific needs, we can supply a
coin counter solution to solve them.

For high volume needs, we have models designed to expedite
coin counting.  Designed specifically for customers with daily
amounts of 20,000 coins or more, the Scansort 420 counts at
speeds of up to 2400 coins per minute.  Available with an
auto-feeder, input controls, programmable stops, and printer, the
Scansort can satisfy all high volume needs.  The Scansort 420
has a sensor designed to verify the coin.  All foreign coins, slugs,
and destroyed coin will be rejected with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

For medium volume amounts, the Scancoin 202 is versatile and
effective in counting accurately while rejecting foreign coin and
slugs.  Like the Scansort 420, the Scancoin 202 has a sensor
with a 99.9% accuracy rate when checking coins.  

For wrapping coins, an off-sorter is perfect.  Designed for either
bag stops or coin tube stops, the Scancoin 303, 313, or 3003 will
work.  The Scancoin 3003 and 313 both have auto-feeders.  The
Scancoin 3003 can count plastic tokens.  All machines can be
modified to count regular tokens.  With counting speeds of up to
2700 coins per minute for the Scancoin 303 and 313, counting
coins on these machines is a quick and easy job.  The Scancoin
3003 can count coins up to 3500 coins per minute.

The Scancoin 22 is a small, compact coin counter set up for
either bags or boxes.  The Scancoin 22 has a sensor like the
Scansort 420 which will reject all foreign coin, slugs, and
damaged coin.  The Scancoin 22 has four memory levels, sub
totals, and grand totals.  Programmable batch stops make
counting easy for either bagging or wrapping coin.  The Scancoin
22 can count up to 700 coins per minute.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. services most coin counters.  
Besides repairing Scancoin coin counters, we fix Magner, Ribao,
and Standard Register.  We can even service coin counters from
companies no longer in business, such as Brandt and Abbott.  
Please call for more information on what we service.

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