Shinwoo B-1000
Currency Counters
Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. supplies a wide variety of currency
counters.  Depending on clients needs, we can supply the perfect
currency counter.  From high volume counters to discriminating
counters to counterfeit detection counters, Fitzgerald
Electro-Mechanical carries them all.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. are authorized distributors for
Scancoin currency counters, Billcon currency counters, Laurel currency
counters, and Shinwoo currency counters.

For small counters, with and without counterfeit detection, the Laurel
J-710A and Scancoin 1500 are great.  Fast and durable, the Scancoin
and Laurel count currency quickly with minimal problems.  Jams are
easy to clear and daily cleaning is quick.  Both currency counters have
large displays, error detection, auto starts, batch options, presets for
batches, and cumulative counts.  The Scancoin 1500 counts up to
1200 bills per minute and the Laurel J-710A counts up to 1500 bills
per minute.

Two pocket discriminators are some of the most advanced currency
counters on the market.  The Shinwoo B-1000 and Billcon D-551 are
both excellent currency counters.  With the counting mode selected for
mixed currency, just put a stack of bills in the hopper and the
discriminator counters read the type of bill and adds the total up.  The
discriminators can be set up to only count one type of bill and reject
everything else.  With counterfeit detection on, all counterfeit bills will
be rejected.  With the ability to be upgraded for future changes in bills,
both currency counters will last a long time.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. services most manufacturers'
models of currency counters, including manufacturers no longer in
business,such as Brandt and Technitrol.  We service Magner, Ribao,
Scancoin, Laurel, Shinwoo, Billcon, and just to name a few.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical can repair most manufacturers models.  
For questions on specific machines, please contact us.

For more information on Scancoin currency counters, please visit:

Billcon D-551
Laurel J710-A
Scancoin SC1500