About Our Business

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. specializes in business
machines.  We provide sales and service for Cash Depositing
systems, currency counters, coin counters, coin sorters, time
stamps, time clocks, check endorsers, check signers, check
encoders, envelope inserters, and envelope openers.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. has been in business for over 80
years.  Originally established in San Francisco, we have grown over
time to cover all of California with our sales and service teams.  

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. originally started in the
engineering in time and date machines.  Over time we have
expanded into other financial business machine fields such as
coin counters, currency counters, and check processing
equipment.  We have experience in supporting many brands and

We specialize in creating lobby counting solutions with or without
an attached cash vault using our Scancoin CDS product line.  We
also provide coin and currency solutions for Retail, Transit,
Municipalities, Parking, Amusement, and Casinos.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. provides timely on-site service,
maintenance agreements, and in-house depot service.
About Us