Amano Pix 10
Amano MJR-7000
Time Clocks
Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. offers a wide variety of time
clocks.  We have time clocks designed for companies with under 25
employees to companies with over 100.  We offer industrial time
clocks, badge time clocks, electronic time clocks, and terminal time

For small companies with few employees in industrial settings, the
smaller Acroprint 125, 150, and P150 are superb.  Designed with a
sturdy case, large face plate, and heavy duty motors, the Acroprint
125, 150, and P150 are dependable, durable, and easy enough for
anyone to use.  Available with either a manual or automatic punch,
they can be battery powered or use AC current.

For small offices, the Amano Pix 10 and the Lathem 7000 E
accurately counts and adds up the time for all employees.  Easy to
operate and maintain, the Pix 10 can show the time in minutes,
tenths, or hundredths and the 7000 E can show AM/PM, 24-hour, or
hundredths of time.  The Pix 10 and 7000 E are easily adjustable for
day-light savings time, and only needs to be set once per year.  A
large LCD display and easy to change ribbon make both ideal for
small to mid-sized offices.

For larger offices with 100 or more employees, the Amano
MJR-7000 works great.  When most smaller time clocks can't
handle the volume, the MJR-7000 has a large memory to
accommodate them all.  The MJR-7000 features an auto time card
feeder, separation of regular and overtime hours, optional rounding,
auto adjustment for day-light savings time, and a battery backup.

For companies desiring the maximum control of their time keeping
devices, a badge systems is best.  Designed for easy use, simple
reporting, and no PC needed for reporting the Acroprint Badger
6150 and IconTime TimeCalculator Badge time clocks are perfect
for any office.  Can track time for any pay period, automatic
deductions for lunches, automatically calculates overtime and
regular pay, is secured from tampering, and can be remotely
accessed from a central location for quick and easy downloads.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. can provide bio-metric solutions
for companies valuing security and employee accuracy.  Please call
for more information.

Fitzgerald Electro-Mechanical Co. sells and services many other
time clocks besides the ones listed here.  If you have any
questions, please contact us for the latest information.
Acroprint Model 125
Lathem 7000 E